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Ten types of Project Plans – Which type is yours?

Plans Project plans and planning are inevitably a part of any project initiative. In almost all enterprise environments projects are next to impossible to initiate and to execute without a plan. By “plan” I mean any artefact that attempts to define the current and future activities and outcomes for a project. I know there are many who don’t support the idea of a forward looking or deterministic plan, but even those who don’t follow “big plan” methodologies recognise there is value in some level of planning. And in fact very few plans at all ever produce the level To see the full content, share this page by clicking one of the buttons below...

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You know the team is too large when…

If you’re a startup, then your organisation is the team. If you’re in a larger enterprise, your team can start small: maybe even just with you! but if you are even modestly successful, you’re going to have to grow the team. In fact, beyond the craziness of early stage startups, mostly you have to grow the team in order to be successful. But as you grow, you run the risk of getting too large. How large is too large?

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“That’s Not Agile!”

We implemented all the relevant principles in the Agile Manifesto, and serviced the Manifesto values. We didn’t contravene or ignore anything defined in the manifesto. Even more, it was proving itself in the early stages: the team bound together quickly just through the discussion and planning on how we were going to do it. We had designed a nice mini agile methodology but the development department wouldn’t play ball: they said “that’s not agile!”

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Thanksgiving for IT Teams: Lock in your team’s achievements!

Scrum and Agile Guru Mike Cohn wrote in his weekly Agile Tips email that we should mark the moment to focus on what our teams have achieved. Triggered by the bigtime Thanksgiving celebration in the USofA, Mike wrote how we often struggle to recognise the past good work done because we are focused on how much we can improve in the future.  He said: “There are literally hundreds of ways in which a team may have improved. Find a few and then share the good news with the team. Praise them. Thank them.” — Mike Cohn (Btw, To see the full content, share this page by clicking one of the buttons below...

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