I love solving complex solution problems in the Internet, Telecom, Digital Publishing, Social Media & related areas.

I enjoy building digital products and bringing them to market. I know how to get projects done in a high-speed, chaotic and non-linear environment.

I thrive at bringing business and technology together, and to organise teams with a minimum of methodology overhead.

I focus on what’s important to deliver outcomes, not on slavishly executing a project management process.

I use a principle-based approach to Project Management that fosters trust and efficiency.

Show me the business problem and I’ll work out how to solve it for you I’ll design a holistic and practical project structure to deliver the solution in a time-frame and budget that makes sense, and without mambo-jumbo.

Or show me a project without momentum, and I’ll accelerate it to give it the momentum it needs. Major business problems have their own relentless momentum. Solution projects without a matching velocity are going to fail at one level or another.

I want to share that experience with you through this blog.

Happy reading and I’d love to hear from you

email: adam@adamonprojects.com

twitter: @adamonprojects

LI: https://au.linkedin.com/in/adamonprojects

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AdamOnProjects


Business, Technical and Delivery experience in multiple contexts: from Solution and Consulting Sales, Technical Management, Program Delivery through Post Sales Support. I have a software development background and I code every day. I’ve worked in vendor and customer environments; startups and Tier 1 enterprise; local and international. I’ve made heaps of mistakes and I think I’ve learned from every one of them.


Complex online, media and unified comms solutions; Large program project planning, resource planning and forecasting; Solutions & Design Integration Methodologies; Program baselining and prioritisation and the establishment of metrics and KPIs in large and complex programs; Multi-organisation, multi-geography, multi-cultural solution integration projects; Ms Office applications integration & automation development; Windows/Delphi software development; Website development in Joomla

Project Action Principles