What Is Management in the Context of Agile

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April 17, 2016

What Is Management in the Context of Agile

There’s a meme going around in some parts of agile that management is inhumane. This is an extreme view of course, likely informed by anecdotal experience with Bad Management, or worse lack of actual management experience.

Managing in the presence of Agile is not the same as managing in traditional domains. The platitude is Stewardship, but that has little actionable outcomes needed to move the work efforts along toward getting value delivered to customers in exchange for money and time.

One view of management in Agile can be informed by Governance of the work efforts. Here’s a version of Governance, from “Agile Governance Theory: conceptual development,” Alexandre J. H. de O. Luna, Philippe Kruchten , and Hermano Moura.


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