Project Action Principles

How to Use the Project Action Principles

You’ve probably read the keystone article about the 5 Project Action Principles, and one or more of the pillar articles that describes each principle in more detail. If not then see the references at the end of this page. I'm assuming you are at this page because you...

How can we protect the value in our projects?

the end result of a project is not the technical components created by a bunch of technologists, it is the value created by the end customer who puts that capability to use.  It’s so easy for that to get lost along the way, as the exigencies of real-world project delivery strike the project.  But if the value is not recognised and maintained all the way through. The secret is simple: discipline and focus

What are the Project Action Principles?

The "Project Action Principles" (PAPs) most likely were triggered by the #noestimates dialog on Twitter a couple of years ago.  The proposition behind #noestimates was that in modern agile software development, estimates were not only not required, but were counter to...

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