Principle-Based Project Leadership


Project management has alienated so many of its “consumers” that it is hard to practice anymore. So many people just don’t want Project Management is selling, and with good reason.

The main reason project management is having difficulties is that their customers are no longer buying what project managers have to offer. The practice of Project Management needs to be made more relevant to its primary consumers: project sponsors, teams of people who are engaged to deliver the project, and who are going to be impacted by the project, both during and after.

The project context has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, but project management approaches have only tweaked themselves to address these changes such as newer approaches such as Agile.. Project management has lost its traditional footing, and has not been effectively replaced.

And yet some form of management is needed now more than ever: we have left a void in rejecting traditional plan-based approaches and replacing them with Agile approaches that are not designed for this purpose.

This book attempts to side-step the methodological debate by identifying the essence of project management (at least for software projects) so that it can be practised effectively but without method conflict.

Where Can I Find It?

I’ve decided to publish this book progressively on  In this way I can release early on the material that is already in existence, and thereby benefit projects and teams that are in need of this information.  I can assess the level of interest for a book of this kind, and get immediate and useful feedback on the material as it is published.   I can also pivot the book if necessary.

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