Nine project management “meta-problems” that block us

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I have now published yarns that each describe one of the nine (9) project management “meta-problems” that I believe we need to resolve before we can start making improvements to project management practice.

This is a summary page for those 8 posts, with links to each.

What is a Project Management “Meta-Problem”?

A “meta-problem” is a problem that sits above specific issues of implementation and practice. Questions such as “Which is better: Scrum or Kanban?” or “Should I use a 3×3 or 5×5 risk categorisation matrix?” or even “Is the Agile manifesto still relevant?”. And a gazillion just like that. I’m not talking about those.

A “meta-problem” controls the framing of the discussion and fundamentally impedes our ability to analyse and discuss project management practice and constructs.

Article Index

  1. The narrow vision of standardised techniques
  2. Fragmented and conflicted views
  3. The sheer size and scope of a project management capability
  4. Project manager competency (or lack of it)
  5. The fundamental concepts of project management are obsolete
  6. Project management as a disabling profession
  7. Can’t help with the “quick fix” syndrome (even when it’s needed)
  8. Cannot clean up the “no trust” mess
  9. Using linear tools to solve non-linear problems.

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