Reworking project management: a selection of tools

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Manifesto for Action, Project Management Concepts | 0 comments

The “Project Management Meta-problem” series lists nine (9) project management meta-problems. Each meta-problem impacts objective and productive discussion about how to improve project management.

The “Manifesto for Action” lists the corollary for each meta-problem. Each is a goal to address one of the meta-problems. Solving these meta-problems gives us more traction in our discussions on project management.

However, we need to define some core analysis concepts. These concepts will give us the tools to build new ways of project management practice.

In this post, I’m listing the tools at a high level. As I roll out the details, I’ll update this post to reflect actual progress.

The order and content of the above list may change as I work through them.

Stay tuned.

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