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by | Aug 7, 2021

AdamOnProjects “The Raw Feed” is the place to get an early and informal look at the concepts and ideas Adam is thinking about and working on. This process happens weeks or months before anything is posted online on AOP or other publications.

Each week, Adam gives insights into project management across the enormous range of information and skills that a truly successful project manager needs to master.  Adam also links to books and online resources that he’s been reading during the week and that he thinks will be of interest to subscribers.

Please see the editions below (most recent at the top) with a short description of the main content.

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Newsletter Editions

  • Edition 24 – 16/01/22: The Program Logic Model Part 2 – Wrapping up the PLM with four applications that can help with almost any product.
  • Edition 23 – 09/01/22: The Program Logic Model – an elegant project model that emphasises causal relationships between actions and value.
  • Edition 22 – 02/01/22: The Spine Model – back to looking at Models in Project Management.
  • Edition 21 – 26/12/21: The Four Elements of Project Success – Putting them all together.
  • Edition 20 – 19/12/21: Abundance – The future-oriented perspective that enables you to sustain the project effort and have confidence in the outcome.
  • Edition 19 – 12/12/21: Evolution – The Third Immutable Element of All Successful Projects
  • Edition 18 – 05/12/21: Enablement – The Second Immutable Element of All Successful Projects
  • Edition 17 – 21/11/21: Agency – One of the Four Immutable Elements of All Successful Projects
  • Edition 16 – 21/11/21: The Four Immutable Elements of all Successful Projects
  • Edition 15 – 14/11/21: The Foundational Project Positioning Matrix (Variations)
  • Edition 14 – 7/11/21: The Foundational Project Positioning Matrix
  • Edition 13 – 31/10/21: The Materialisation Dimension of Projects
  • Edition 12 – 24/10/21: What is your “Paradigm Zero”? How do you think about reality and obtain knowledge?
  • Edition 11 – 17/10/21: If “AOP: The Raw Feed” is about Project Management, why write about these weird topics?
  • Edition 10 – 10/10/21: Paradigms and Mental Models and Mindsets. Oh my!
  • Edition 9 – 3/10/21: All models are wrong. Some are useful. Others turn into brands or fads or memes.
  • Edition 8 – 26/9/21: Dematerialisation is eating the world, not software. As a PM, you need to understand this
  • Edition 7 – 19/9/21: Office accommodation and the paradox of value destruction for marginal cost savings
  • Edition 6 – 12/9/21: The “Triple Helix” of Successful Projects – everything evolves, regardless of the lifecycle or methodology
  • Edition 5 – 5/9/21: The “Certificat-isation” of a whole industry
  • Edition 4 – 29/8/21: Business people make lousy Solution architects/software designers – it’s a problem
  • Edition 3 – 22/8/21: Musings on Agile Practice Sad Venn Diagram
  • Edition 2 – 15/8/21: Musings on the problems with supporting beginners in Agile – is it even possible?
  • Edition 1 – 9/8/21: Musings on the Oral Tradition now revived and the problems that come from not documenting project knowledge.



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