Project Acceleration 1A: What is Acceleration?

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Following on from the initial post on Project Acceleration, this short post is a clarification of the objective of this series.

Firstly, I see three types of project acceleration, all of which are of interest to me, and all of which I either am or will be writing about in some detail.

The three types of Project Acceleration are:

  1. a Change Request process for in-flight projects that formally brings forward the date of delivery of the current project;
  2. a Project execution process-improvement exercise for in-flight projects that works to accelerate the operating tempo of a project, without formally (at least initially) changing the current delivery date;
  3. a Project planning process that works to reduce the forecast elapsed time for a proposed project.

Whilst these are three very different aspects of the project acceleration story, there are many underlying themes, strategies and techniques that can be used across all three.  The main differences are in the execution.

The clarification from my first post is that this series is primarily written to address the first type of project acceleration: an unexpected request from a stakeholder (typically the project sponsor) to bring forward a delivery date to an earlier date.

  1. Project Action Principles #1: Achieve Outcomes, Rapidly
  2. Principle-Based Project Leadership (Beta Book)

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