List Membership an indicator of influence?

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I’ve recently published some stats about which Twitter users are listed in how many Project Management – related Lists on Twitter

There have been a few comments and questions about what this data means, and why it’s worth looking at.

So I’ve done a little basic correlation between the number of twitter followers that each user has and the number of lists in which the person is listed.

Although the data is noisy, there’s a reasonable correlation between the two, as you can see below.

See the notes after the chart for a bit more information on the chart.

List Membership an indicator of influence?

List Membership an indicator of influence?





  1. bottom axis shows groups of list memberships of 30. i.e. I’ve grouped all users who are in 0-29 lists in one bin, 30-39 in the next and so on
  2. the bottom axis is inverse sorted, so the bigger numbers are closer to origin
  3. the LH axis is the average of all the user’s followers in that bin of 30.
  4. Tableau provides the following description of the Trend Line model.

Trend Lines Model

A linear trend model is computed for average of Followers given In # Lists (bin).

Model formula: ( In # Lists (bin) + intercept )
Number of modeled observations: 10
Number of filtered observations: 1
Model degrees of freedom: 2
Residual degrees of freedom (DF): 8
SSE (sum squared error): 6.21867e+09
MSE (mean squared error): 7.77334e+08
R-Squared: 0.194713
Standard error: 27880.7
p-value (significance): 0.201747

Individual trend lines:

Panes Line Coefficients
Row Column p-value DF Term Value StdErr t-value p-value
Followers In # Lists (bin) 0.201747 8 In # Lists (bin) 3875.73 2786.68 1.39081 0.201747
intercept 19585.3 15788.4 1.24048 0.249942

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