Product Launch: The Project Manager’s Field Force Calculator

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I’m proud to announce the launch of our first product, the Project Manager’s Field Force Calculator (PMFFC). The PMFFC is a breakthrough in support tools for Project Managers in every field of business, technology and application domains.


Project Management tools have rarely been both portable and purpose-built for project management. You’ve used generic portable devices, like ordinary calculators, slide-rules, tablets and mobile apps, but they are just that: generic. The PMFFC is purpose-built for project managers.
Since the days of Isaac Asimov, the idea that you could apply statistics and probabilistic forecasting to human dynamics has been regarded as both a desirable goal, and a fanciful impossibility.
But now this idea has come to fruition with the PMFCC and is available to you immediately.

With the Project Manager’s Field Force Calculator (PMFFC), you will be able to integrate multiple models of project and social complexity. See the functional overview below

Functional OVerview

  • Requirements: Analyse and stress-test project requirements for completeness, accuracy and quality.
  • Project Type Classification: Classifies your project using 1 of 4 project typing systems, including Dvir, Yourdon.
  • Risk Profiling: Identifies all project risks with precise probabilities and impacts.
  • Team Structure: Recommends ideal team make up based on requirements and technology.
  • Stakeholders: Lists all the stakeholder concerns and probability of change over the course of the project.
  • Schedule Dynamics: Calculates Earned Value to date and forecast at key milestones.
  • Success Targeting: Calculates project success scenarios and probabilities.
  • Internet Connectivity: Connect to your project back-end for raw project data.
  • User Functions: Additional function keys for your own programmable routines.

The Back Story

The PMFFC was designed with extensive consultation and input from AdamOnProject actual, who applied his decades of experience in Project Management and the training and mentoring of literally dozens of project managers during this time. Early in his career, Adam also worked for a pioneer in calculator technology (Wang Labs), despite his work time having nothing to do with their calculator business. Adam was convinced that his time at Wang would overcome his complete lack of experience with calculator design and enable a breakthrough product to support his professional colleagues.
The Project Manager’s Field Force Calculator (PMFFC) employs all the modern technologies that are shaping the modern practice of project management: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum-differentiation, Cloud computing and 3D printing
Not since the launch of Theranos have we seen such breathtaking functionality offered with so little investment.

Wait! There’s More

For a limited time, we will engrave your name on the back of the PMFFC. Please use the below voucher code to get this benefit, for a limited time only.

AdamOnProjects offers a range of education, training and consulting services to help you put the PMFFC to work in your business.

Buy Your PMFFC Now

You can own yours now, for the modest investment of $999 (ex tax). :